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Mess & Food

When you are far away from your wards, you are always worried for his food. Purvanchal has best food quality in the city. Hostel has got its own food license & management runs its own mess in it, not like other hostels in the city where messes are run on contract basis & quality & hygiene are not taken care of.  But thing is different in Purvanchal where hostel has got its dedicated Cooks’ & helpers’ team to prepare food with hygiene.

We, here at Purvanchal always try to maintain the ethics of buying food material & vegetables & other edibles. We buy most of food products of high quality from Best Price (A Wall Mart corporation run mall). We always keep quality above cost. We always want our hostellers to eat healthy as if they are getting a feeling of home cooked food.

Students are served with milk at time of breakfast along with multiple menu followed by Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner. Besides it, Ice-creams & cold drinks are also served.

Our menu offers wide variety of dishes right from breakfast to dinner in the night for example:-

Paratha, Corn Flakes, Idli Dosa etc in the Breakfast
Seasonable Vegetable , Dal Rajma, Roti, Rice etc in the Lunch
Pizza, Burger, Pasta, Chila, Veg Pakora etc in the evening snacks
Seasonable Vegetable, Dal Rajma, Roti, Rice etc in the dinner.

Late night study often gives a feeling of laziness and students need coffee or tea for refreshment. For this a 24 X7 running coffee wending machine is also there at cafeteria. Student can come any time and can take coffee or tea of his choice.

Special Security System

When you are far away from your wards, you are always in tension of security of your wards. Here at Purvanchal, We have a team of 5 wardens who are always there to take good care of your  wards. It is their duty to keep a track of timing of going out & coming in of your ward. We have 24 hrs deployed security guards to keep the security tight.

Guards have right to lock the doors after 10:00 pm. If any student wants to stay out with his local guardian he needs to inform us about them at time of taking admission in the hostel & that too signed by Parents. Our hostel warden takes attandence of each student in the night to make sure that he is in the hostel.

We also restrict our hosteller to go into fellow hosteller’s room after 10:30 in the night to give more time to their study.

House Keeping

Usually students do not keep their rooms in a well arranged manner; it is all due to lack of time with them or their laziness. This routine creates lot of unwanted things in their rooms which generates a lot of negative energy to your ward. According to Vastushastra these negative energy leaves a great impact on his mind, which results to his poor performance.

We have a dedicated team of housekeeping staff here at Purvanchal Our housekeeping staff is available here from morning       6:00 am to 10:00 pm in the night. It is their duty to clean each room & toilet, corridors, stairs, cafeteria everyday without a fail.

Besides it our management team does a random check to make sure whether corridors, rooms, toilets, stairs are cleaned or not. We always try to keep the hostel neat & clean.

Lounge Arena

After a very hectic day of school & coaching a feeling of boredom arrives. We have a lounge arena in the hostel where hostellers can sit n watch television. We allow our hostellers to watch Sports and news channels only but that too till 10 O’ clock in the night. They can also read English & Hindi news papers in this room.

24 Hrs. Medical Support

If your ward require any sort of Medical Aid like Stomach Ache, Giddiness, Faint or any other Physical Problem. Our 24 Hrs. Medical Help is available for the students of Purvanchal Hostel.. If any student needs to go to hospital he is accompanied by one of the wardens working in specific shift.

Special Features
  • Fully Furnished A.C. Rooms with Attach Lat-Bath
  • Spacious & Fully Ventilated Rooms
  • Vastu based constructed Rooms
  • 2 Lifts
  • Solar water heater connectivity in toilets.
  • All toilets are of Western Style.
  • Properly installed Fire Fighting System.
  • 100% Power Back up (in case of Power failures)
  • Vastu based Constructed Rooms
  • Ventilated Rooms with Balcony
  • Competitive Environment among students
  • Breakfast with milk.
  • Pure Vegetarian Lunch followed by evening snacks.
  • Pure Vegetarian Dinner.
  • Cold Drinks & Ice Cream after dinner.
  • Daily Laundry
  • Sweeping-Cleaning
  • Water-Cooler / Aqua-guard
  • Fix In & Out Timings
  • 24 Hrs. Company Security Guards
  • Disciplined Environment
  • Proximity to all Coaching Institutes (Within the radius of 0.5 – 2.5 km)
  • Breakfast | Lunch | Evening Snacks & Dinner
  • Water Cooler with Aqua Guard facility
  • Daily Laundry – Washing & Ironing
  • Regular Sweeping & Cleaning
  • 24 Hrs. Security Guards
  • Peaceful & Comfortable Environment
  • Doctors Facility available
  • ATM’s of all Leading Banks in nearby locations
  • Assistance in Admission to Coaching Institutes & School Admissions
  • Rooms for Parents also available
  • Daily Newspaper | Fresh Flowers
  • Room Service | House Keeping
  • EPABX System